Peer grief support groups at Gerard’s House are facilitated by skilled volunteers who are specially trained and supervised by staff members. Volunteers also counsel children and families in Spanish, provide crisis response and grief education at local schools and other youth communities, and cook amazing meals and snacks for peer groups. They assist with fundraising and special events and help us keep our computer system and website operating and up to date.

We could not do our work without them.

If you would like to volunteer, please call or email for information. Facilitator training is offered in September. Other ways to help are open year-round.

Active Volunteers

Alison Janes • Bob Dorsett • Ross Chaney • LaTausha Cotner • Vanessa Torres McGovern • Kevin Myers • Melissa Bencomo • Paulina Terrazas • Byanka Tarango • Laura Schoff • Shaundel Moya • Joseph McKenna • Geron Spray • Bob Alei • Therese Francis • Jae Agu • Judy Carr • Davine Young • Ana Maria Morelos • Faye Finely • Deacon Anthony Rodriguez • Diedra Yearwood • Ruth DeLay • Sherry Coopwood • Gary Zanes • Maxine Swisa • Ann Beauchamp • Deb Tupler • Diane Fessenden • Susan Feiner • Ulrike Porat • Mickey Bishop • Adrienne Shurbet • Kim White • Harmony Rose West • Claudia Escareno-Clark • Annie Lenetsky • Rico Feldman • Mark Rael • Francine Kern • Terese Sanchez • Beth Clayton • Diane Hamamoto • Bob Kristy • JJ Tellatin • Owen Kunkle • Joan Zenker • Julissa Rodriguez • Frances Kean • Amanda Katz • Dilaria Akay • Daniel Quat • Eileen Joyce • Adriana Martinez