• Trainees will follow ethical guidelines as defined by their field of study. Accordingly, please refrain from discussing cases or any confidential aspects of the program on social media. Interns are expected to serve as a role model and to perform all of the above at a higher level of professionalism. They are also expected to help staff with program development and community outreach such as fundraising events, collaboration and relationship building with agencies and schools. Other trainee responsibilities may be assigned as needed by the coordinator or director.
  • Attend all trainings and orientations meetings, prior to start date.
  • Read policy manual, sign and return agreement.
  • Maintain client files and update paperwork as needed. Assist in survey process.
  • Be responsible for various office duties, including answering telephones, emailing phone messages, and returning phone calls
  • Perform assignments that you agree upon doing and follow through on your commitments. Maintain dependable, regular attendance of your assigned groups. Let the director, site supervisor, or coordinator know as soon as possible if you cannot perform any of your assignments.
  • Possess a willingness to learn. Be able to give and receive feedback. Be able to deal directly with any potential conflicts with supervisors and other students.

If you are an interested in an internship at Gerard’s House, please note that we offer a limited number of positions and hours. If you are interested in our program, please submit a cover letter and resume. In your cover letter, please include what license you are working towards, number of hours needed -indirect and direct hours and when your internship would start and end. Also note supervision requirements. Please submit digitally or via U.S. mail to one of the following addresses: info@gerardshouse.com or Gerard’s House , P.O. Box 28693 Santa Fe, NM, 87592.

Please fill out the form below or your can download an Intern Application