Semicolon Support Group

The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended,
but didn’t …

An invitation to teens …                          

… to join the Semicolon Movement, a teen peer-to-peer counseling group that elicits stories of courageous battles with the symptoms leading to suicide and other forms of self-harm, such as depression, anxiety, fractured family relationships, addiction, unresolved grief, abuse, and other obstacles which threaten bright futures.  Services will be offered free of charge.

Bob Kristy, Family Counselor at the Sky Center, and Katrina Koehler, Executive Director of Gerard’s House, will lead 1½-hour groups every Wednesday 5:30p – 7:00p.  All meetings will be held at The Sky Center, located at Ortiz Middle School, 4164 S. Meadows Road.


Bob Kristy:  505/699-0605                                                                    Katrina Koehler:  505/424-1800 x22

The semicolon is a sign of hope:  Your sentence is not over yet!

The Sky Center’s core purpose and mission is to provide accessible and affordable services for youth and their families who are identified to be in need. The assessment of need is indicated by, but not limited to the following:  school struggles/peer problems/bullying; family conflict, relationship changes or losses; depression, mood swings, isolation; suicidal behavior, self-harm or other high risk behavior; and increased substance use. See more at: